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XS Ghost Ring WS is fully adjustable for windage and elevation and comes with two apertures .230" and .191" inside diameter for different lighting conditions. The large Ghost Ring affords a great field of view for fast target acquisition. The XS White Stripe (WS) front sight replaces the existing blade and ramp and features a blued steel body with a painted white stripe face. The white on black front post is highly visible in all lighting conditions and contrasts against any color background. Due to moving the rear sight from the barrel to the receiver some zeroing issues might arise. Alternate front sight heights are available and covered under XS' No Questions Asked Warranty. Installation requires the removal of factory rear sight. All screws torque to 20 INCH-pounds; over-torquing can fracture or break screws.

XS Sight Lever Rail Ghost Ring WS - Marlin 336

SKU: AQML10025
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